We have satisfied clients from Government, Corporate, Industrial, Banks & Telecom orgnaizations.

We offer a wide range of solutions to both the government and private sectors and are dedicated to the provision of industry leading enterprise level solutions in both spheres. Our team business savvy individuals is committed to understanding the client’s business infrastructure so that we can provide them with a solution that suits their needs from both a technical and commercial stand point.

Who we are?

About UsSince our inception two decades ago we have been working with a mission to offer solutions to clients at affordable prices and deliver the highest quality. Having successfully completed numerous projects and with the kind of industry experience we have gained over time, we have grown to become one of the leading and most reliable firms in the supply of electrical and electronics equipment in Pakistan.

When it comes to the provision of maintenance, repairs and support services, our team of professionals is the driving force behind our success. Our maintenance portfolio includes upgrading existing power lines, AVR’s, power supply systems and line conditioners. Our team of well trained and experienced engineers are constantly undergoing refresher training courses which include getting more practical experience and updating their skill set to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. This enables us to efficiently deliver best in class services to the industry.

We operate in a variety of different industries like telecommunications, power sector, and security equipment to name a few. Every industry that we are involved in presents us with new challenges that call for industry specific project management skills to deliver against our clients needs. Our ability to deliver top end equipment sourced both locally and from abroad coupled with experienced industry specific project management ensures that we deliver on both the commercial and technical fronts thereby setting us apart from our competition.

Tender Business

Tayyab Trading Corporation is involved in tendering for government and semi-government contracts. Since starting our tendering business in 1994, with our team of experienced personnel in the trading field together with our insight in global commodity trends, we have been successful in bidding and winning a large volume of tender contracts.

Our work involves identifying tenders as they are announced by the public sector, researching, preparing and submitting tenders and then after being awarded the contract, doing whatever is necessary to ensure that the requested goods are delivered to the tendering authority at the agreed quality and within the agreed timeline.

We work with a number of carefully chosen suppliers around the world with the aim of achieving a better supply chain management and better value to our customers.

Tayyab Trading Corporation

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