We use our vast experience in Distribution & Sales with knowledge of local business sector to add value to the projects we do.

Technology is at the heart of our business. Whether we’re pushing the limits of existing technology, or inventing innovative solutions for the services of tomorrow, we are dedicated to stretching the definition of what’s possible.

We are the exclusive distributors for some of the finest UPS / AVR, Power Equipment, Electronics Test Instruments, Telecommunication & Security Equipment around. Our range includes new manufacturers of innovative products like UPS, AVR, Isolation Transformers, Variable Transformers, Line Conditioners, Batteries, Rectifiers, Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, Protocol Analyzers, Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Multi-meters, DC Power Supplies, Frequency Counters and Timers, Decade Boxes, Multifunction Calibrators, Jointing Material, Coaxial Cable, Optical Fiber Cable, Radio Systems, Transmitter & Receivers, Cables and Connectors, Communication Satellite, Broad Equipment, Network Equipment, VOIP Equipment, Police Safety Equipment, Riot Safety Equipment, Bullet Proof Helmet, Bullet Proof jacket, Night Vision Goggles, Explosive & Bomb Detector, Mine Detector and Gas Masks.

Whatever you need, our experienced Sales team can help – with information, advice and hands-on demonstrations.


We partner with and service clients from a wide spectrum of industries including the Power sector, Telecommunications and the Defense department amongst others.

Our ability to engage with institutional clients’ like WAPDA, PTCL, NTC, PCSIR, Punjab Police and the Defense department on a long terms basis shows that we are not only valued by our extensive customer-base but are able to deliver on a consistent basis.

This is evident in the work that we are doing in the provision of UPS (500VA – 30KVA) and Automatic Voltage Regulator to WAPDA, PTCL, NTC, PCSIR, Punjab Police and the Defense department.

Using our wide range of products and customized solutions these clients’ have been able to alleviate problems around unstable electricity supply & the need to have stable backup power solution for electronics equipment.